We help companies solve strategic and operational problems.

What our engagements have in common is the need to understand the underlying structure and dynamics of a complex situation. We thrive in environments where the questions aren’t clear, much less the answers.

We help some clients formulate strategy or redesign their organizational structure and processes. For others, we get our hands dirty optimizing manufacturing or supply chain operations. Sometimes all a client needs is a project manager or advisor to provide an outside perspective and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

We are also developing a technology platform aimed at radically increasing the speed and effectiveness of transaction-based financial analysis.

About Micah Valine

Plektron Solutions consists of a single principal, Micah Valine, supported by a network of collaborating consultants and resources in a variety of business disciplines.

Micah began his business career writing software. He has deep information technology expertise, having held IT leadership roles in manufacturing, distribution, advertising and retail. He moved into finance while working for a private-equity held food manufacturer and subsequently held CFO and controller positions in manufacturing and distribution. Micah also holds the Certified Treasury Professional credential.